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Lord of the Rings Fangirls
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A community for fangirls of JRR Tolkien's Middle-Earth!
Updated 12.11.12

A community for the oh-so-many fangirls of Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, or any other Middle-Earthy thing that gets you squeeing (because you know we all do it sometimes). Be it bookverse or movieverse, we welcome you and your squee. We love, we obsess, we even worship on occasion (but we try not to be too scary about it). Join us!

There's a few rules here, but they're easy enough to follow. Please read them before joining.

    1.) Don't be a jerk.
    This should be pretty obvious.

    2.) Put quiz results and large images behind an LJ-cut.
    Not sure how to LJ-cut? Click here. Already posted something you forgot to cut, and don't know how to edit it? Click here.

    3.) Concerning RPGs
    Ads/invitations to an RPG you're involved in are welcome, under two conditions:
      a) It must somehow relate to Middle-Earth.
      b) You must keep the advertisement small or LJ-cut it. If it takes up more than half the page (with or without pictures), it's too big.

    4.) Fan art, fan videos, fanfiction, and icons/graphics posts...
    ...are welcome! All I ask is that you be conscientious about LJ-cuts and appropriate content warnings. If you're ever unsure about posting something, feel free to send a private message about it to rauvlochar.

Follow these little rules and I will not be tempted to eat your brain.

Link to Us:
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